Are elite NYC schools racist or are Asian kids just working harder? Kim Iversen's Vid and My Comment

I partly agree with you.

It is actually racist to say, that kids must be admitted to better colleges regardless of their efforts, simply due to the colour of their skin – and it does not matter, whether it may be white kids, black kids, yellow kids or green kids. I don't care. ALL OF THEM ARE *HUMAN*. I also don't like the built-in racism of your society, which AUTOMATICALLY divides human-beings into "racial" groups (a bullshit-term in itself OF COURSE: genetically speaking, ALL humans are one single race. Only extreme ignorants do not know that. Originally, 120,000 years ago, we were all "Black Africans"). Also, one must note, that throughout western civilization's history, the Jews had always done WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better than the christians. Was it due to some "racist preference"? Was it because of some "jewish genius gene"? Was it due to some "global jewish conspiracy"?

OF COURSE NOT!! It was, simply, due to the fact, that Jews had ALWAYS had a culture, of mass Literacy and community learning, for everyone (well, actually, for all male members of the community, while the females were expected to stay home and raise kids; but THIS sad fact is due to the "usual" sexist patriarchy, which was typical for ALL major civilizations for millennia, up until the early 1970's…). So, the Jews had ALWAYS excelled more, causing all christians to become murderous antisemites… and the same case here. I totally agree with you there.

Although I MUST SAY: PEOPLE'S INDIVIDUALITY, MUST BE HELD SACRO-SANCT – AND I DO NOT APROVE OF THE "ARBEIT MACHT FREI" MENTALITY!!!! Not the one of auschwitz and not its SIMILAR COPY, by wall-street. People should work at what THEY LIKE BEST and NOT MORE THAN 25 HOURS PER WEEK MAXIMUM – AND THEIR QUALLITY OF LIFE MUST NOT BE DEPENDED UPON THEIR WORK!!!! As humanity IS rich enough, today, to supply ALL basic needs for ALL, if only we redivide the wealth JUSTLY among ALL human-beings – and, OF COURSE, become properly Vegan (as ALL people should and must be doing ANYWAY).

AND!! what I canNOT and SHALL NOT accept from your speech, is the call for throwing little children away to the trash-can, also known as "day-cares" and suchlikes. ALL CHILDREN MUST BE RAISED BY THEIR PARENTS (note I write "Parents" and NOT just "Mothers" – Archy Bunker and Fred Flintstones are no longer with us, and IT IS PERFECTLY OKAY for the Fathers to stay Home / work from Home and raise their youngs, while the Mothers would go to the office to work, AS WELL AS vice-versa!! Or, BEST case, BOTH Parents shall work from Home!!). And – if there are some… things, who bring children to the World, with no intention to be the ones caring for them all day, then, by all means, DON'T BRING ANY CHILDREN!!!!

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