A TOTALLY Lousy Garbage Known as Netflix

So, for eight days, I did have an account on "netflix".

And, as long as I had been content rewatching various "Star Trek" stuff over and over, it was Great!! Fun, streaming, really excellent!! BUT… once I've decided, that I've had ENOUGH of "Star Trek" for the next few weeks and would REALLY like to watch something else, for a change…

THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NOTHING ELSE WATCHABLE THERE. Really – with the exclusion of "Star Trek" Series and the "Back to the Future" trilogy, ALL they have, is PURE CRAP. All the… popular (BLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH) stuff, of sheer violence for the violence own sake and totally hopeless darkness for its own sick sake, versus TOTALLY RETARDED crap, commonly known as "romantic comedies" – NOT the wise ones, but the truly BULLSHIT ones (ya'ano, christmas ginger-bells from "hallmark" bleeeeeeeehhhhhhhhh). Or, simply, SHEER BOREDOM (almost fell asleep on several of the from-the-first-glance-watchable-but-then-dead-BORING stuff).

And that was ALL they had – I mean, bloody youtube has a better, richer variety of full feature films, than THEM!!

So, I've just OFFICIALLY cancelled my subscription there; let all the genetically-INFERIOR trashy yuckies (like ANYONE employed at ANY mainstream media, ANYWHERE throughout the World) watch their shit; I am OUT of it, PERIOD.

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