Do NOT Try to Extinguish Your Ego!! It Is Worse Than Suicide!!

To follow is my response to a fellow Vegan youtuber, who published a vid promoting that SICKEST of "new age" notions: the REVOLTING desire to extinguish the ego.


You know, I believe, that I LOVE your recipes – BUT this one vid, is one of the vilest, cruelest and most disgusting (AND disturbing) ones I have EVER seen.

Since it is well-known, who strive to eliminate other people's ego: the abusive gurus. The little führers. The wanna-be borg-queens.

"We are the borg. Lower your mental-shields and surrender your sense of self. Do not try to fight or we'll destroy your mental health. Resistance is futile" = THAT vile vermin, hides behind EACH AND EVERY SINGLE WORD, you say in this REVOLTING, purely-EVIL video.

I am a good person, highly accomplished in my field – not perfect!! I have made no such claims. But YES, I AM BETTER THAN MANY OTHERS (for example: carnists) AND TAKE PRIDE IN THIS HAPPY FACT. I AM proud at saving the Lives of the Dearest little creatures, like the Adorable little fellow in my profile-pic, whenever it Rains and they venture out, to the dangers of humans' lanes. I AM proud at being THE BEST ENGLISH-HEBREW TRANSLATOR ANYWHERE. And, I AM aware of my minuses and strive to better myself at several points, while keeping on reminding myself, that IT IS OKAY TO NOT BEING PERFECT, SINCE PERFECTION DOES NOT EXIST AND SHOULD NOT EXIST!!!!

And, ABOVE ALL!!, I believe in the Supremacy of the Individual Self – NOT "selfish", mind you, not by ayn rand's means – But YES, The Individual Self!! Who stands ABOVE the fascist collective = be that fascist collective nazi, communist or new-age.

The "I" MUST surpass the "we".

And the collective must be crashed and destroyed.

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