"Are you or have you EVER been a member of a Peace-advocating organization?"

Wait – so now, Peace Advocates are being hunted down, by the """democratic""" party (which is as "democratic" as the "deutsch 'demokratisch' republik", it seems…), for simply NOT being blood-thirsty, war-mongering nazis (such as hitlery clinton, biden and all other MONSTERS) and, EVEN IF THEY ARE CITIZENS, cannot donate (and thus, very very soon: ALSO will not be allowed to vote)?!??

So, when are we to see the committees for "Non-American Peace-Advocating Activities" gather and start to investigate, "Are you or have you EVER been a member of a Peace-advocating organization?"? Or (should clinton = the male, the female and the atrocities-spirit – biden and all the other ISRAHELL-loving neo-nazi, pro-zionist monsters have their way…), would their bloody u.s.s.a. go right on, to send ALL decent, Peace and Freedom-Loving people, straight for concentration-camps at the Rocky Mountains/Alaska?

It seems like even trump, is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better, for your country AND for the entire World, than any of THEM!!!!

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