Regarding Tulsi Gabbard

Well, MAYBE.

She does sound A LOT BETTER than most of them, BUT I sure did NOT like the way she said, that "this is the way the World is – sometimes you must have wars". The LAST justifiable, no-other-choice war, had ended back on May 1945. SINCE THEN, ABSOLUTELY ALL WARS, HAVE BEEN IMPERIALISTIC CRIMES, PERIOD. Saying "wars to defend ourselves are okay" sounds, to me, like looking for YET ANOTHER excuse for mass-slaughter, genocidal wars and immense bloodshed, in response to things such as harming the net-profits of some FAT rich enemy-of-the-people, in the lame excuse it is "an ECONOMICAL self-defense" or suchlike BULLSHIT – and then, that Gabbard person, will send dozens of thousands of young and retarded soldiers, to carry out YET ANOTHER genocide, be it in Venezuela, or Iran, or wherEVER. Also, saying "that's the way the World is", is REVOLTINGLY accepting bad, without the slightest will to change it, because "that's god do, we can't do anything on the matter"… so, with SUCH a world-view, one can have the republikaki monsters and be done with it, really.

After the nobama-fiasco (gaining Peace prizes for talking about Peace and then launching one mass-slaughter after another), one must be VERY cautious, regarding all those people, who TALK nicely – but, upon settling in office… gods forbid.

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