5 Meals I Eat Every Week (Vegan) / Caitlin Shoemaker

Nice. I liked the Tofu and Pasta ideas best; but I hate avocado (always have).

Personally, my go-to meals are very simple – usually, I either cook Pasta (with oil – either canola or olive – Turmeric, hot Paprika, Curry/Soup-`Hawayij, Za'atar, Garlic powder, nutritional yeast, Tabasco and sometimes Oregano; sometimes I first fry a finely-sliced onion inside the pot and later add water, spices and the Pasta), or bake Potatoes (slicing them in half, then make small cuts in each half and covers them well with spiced oil). I also enjoy finely-chopped Arabic Salad, if I have enough energy to stand a cut all the veggies. Sometimes I decide to make a fried Vegan "Omlette", with Flax-eggs, powder and the above-mentioned spices, as well as Cumin and some pink/black Indian salt for the eggy-flavour – or I prepare it the same, but then bake it instead (depends, how fast do I NEED to devour it all 😉 ).

Mostly, whatever I make, I eat with LOTS of Hummus. 🙂 As should.

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