My Take on "Zero Waste" and minimalism

I'll start by declaring this very, very clearly: I have absolutely no sympathy for those concepts. Probably because, UNLIKE all those rich 20-something kids who talk about it (while never actually knowing any serious lack of anything important), I = having always been ostracized, unpopular and heavily discriminated against, by ALL israelis alive – HAVE, unfortunately, always known all too well, what poverty and shortage are! Since ALL zionists hate me, for being a Decent and Moral Person and ALL arabs and so-called "leftists" ("social activists for a social change" and all the shitty likes of them) hate me, for having been born a jew – and not in tel-aviv!!!!! (which, for them, is just about the worst crime you can possibly commit.) – so, they ALL banded together against me, to make ABSOLUTELY SURE, that I shall NEVER get to make ANY decent living of my professions… as good as I might be in them (and I AM The BEST).

So, when all those 24/7-smug rich kids from northern tel-aviv (or any other such vile, rich-bitches' place) begin lecturing me, regarding "minimalizing our foot-print on the planet" (of course, while driving their bloody cars to their useless "jobs"…), I vomit.

I mean – out of a Moral decision, I do not only not have a car of my own, but also have never gotten myself a driver-license of any kind.

I am a 100% Vegan.

AND!!!! I give my Soul and Heart, in activism against Tree-cutting at my HomeTown – while ALL those bloody, REVOLTINGLY smug rich kids, have NEVER IN THE USELESS, POINTLESS LIVES, have done ANYTHING to preserve ANY Tree at their own environment (they will sign petitions, regarding Brazil and Indonesia and Congo = which is important and which I do, too!! – but NEVER raise their smallest finger, against a massive slaughter of Trees at their own bloody HomeTown, if they'll be promised, that – instead of those poor Trees – they shall receive, from their murderous city-hall, a bicycle-lane; Gods, do I HATE cyclists!!!!). And SAME goes for preserving the Green and Open spaces – NOT just for us humans, but FIRST AND FOREMOST for ALL sorts of WildLife, from Foxes to Snails.

They simply DO NOT CARE; they are WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too busy being inLove with their smug, revoltingly-rich bloody selves.

So: I do NOT "try to reduce waste", I MOST DEFINITELY do NOT produce any compost (YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), and I most definitely do NOT try to minimalize ANYTHING – on the contrary!! Since, hard though I might EVER try, I shall NEVER come to have, as many items as THEY…

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