I Screwed Up :-(

With the GORGEOUS Vegan Breakfast on Thursday I had a large Orange-Juice, and – I truly cannot POSSIBLY figure out how, but somehow, there was a black plastic-straw in the glass, and I simply did not think about it. Did not ask beforehand not to serve me a plastic-straw, did not realize my mistake when they did, did not even think later on I made a mistake – AND ONLY NOW, TWO DAYS LATER, did suddenly think 'Wait, wasn't there a plastic-straw in that glass?'

So, I checked the photo – and there was! 😦

And IT IS SOOOOOOOOOO UNLIKE ME!! Both not following an obligation I promised to take on – AND not giving any attention to details. Both these things, go totally AGAINST My Very Nature.

I still can't understand that. By all accounts, it should not have happened.

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