An Updated Dating Ad: Looking for Love, October 2019

I am a 44-year-old Vegan, Nudist and Very Romantic Writer and Philosopher and a PROUD Nerd from Rehovoth, Central Israel; I'm Environmentalist, very Leftist (AOC RULES!!), Intellectual and nonsmoker.

I enjoy reading, travelling, sitting in Cafés, hiking through Nature, meeting Cats, Snails and Ravens and chatting with them, saving Snails, listening to Classical Music, Czech and Hebrew Folk-songs, Oldies etc., anything related to SciFi & Fantasy (a Trekker), History, Astronomy and Cosmology, learning Languages, History and Geography, meeting my Friends, walking and sitting in Nature, cooking/baking, eating, and day-dreaming…

I am not a "people-person", I am a Cat-Person; however, for my Friends I will do anything. I value Veganism, Honesty and Integrity.

I am looking for someone like me. You must be Vegan, either my age or younger (age actually doesn't matter, as long as you're younger than me), of course nonsmoker, preferably the intellectual type… and YOU MUST BE DIFFERENT!!!! Do not be like ANYBODY else!! And Nerds/Geeks RULE. ❤

On the other hand, senseless stuff = such as location, ethnicity and faith – do not matter to me at all, as long as you're NOT ideologically anti-nudist! I am much more attracted to pale/fair skin complexion, to freckles and to eye-glasses (although none of it is 100% – I care about the person you are inside first, only then about looks…), but height, weight and body-type do not matter to me at all.


26th November 2019
1st January 2020
16th November 2019
25th July 2019
27th October 2019
12 Feb. 2019
29th Oct. 2018
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4th March 2019
אני בגינה בנא-כרמלי, בקר שבת, ה-31 במארס 2018_NEW
31st March 2018

So, if you're there and reading these words, drop me a line! 🙂 my details are:

Mobile number (BEST) +972-528-401-930


So, Where are you??

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