My Reply to "Unnatural Vegan"'s Support of the "Impossible Burger" Abomination, While Brutally and Wildly Attacking the Real Vegans (PETA)

Why the FUCK is it so "astounding" that REAL Vegans (like PETA and like Myself) object to ANY animal-testing, REGARDLESS its excuses?!?

How the hell can you call yourself a(n Ethical!!) Vegan, and still support ANY animal-cruelty – REGARDLESS that "ooy, we were required to do it, we did not WISH to torture the Rat, but they ORDERED us and we are merely a small screw in the system, we just obeyed orders!" (Nürnberg trials…) "and it was just ONE Rat we've tortured for it, what do you want from us?"

It is DISGUSTING!! There is NO EXCUSE, FOR ANIMAL-ABUSE. There can be NO justification, EVER, to torture "even one" Rat – for this one rat (and his/her relatives), it is 100%!! and ANIMALS ARE NOT THINGS, NOT OBJECTS, NOT PROPERTY!! All THESE, are BASIC VEGAN TRUTHS. You canNOT justify animal-testing (and, to make it worse: testing NOT for "saving millions of lives bla-bla-bla – not like THAT is okay!! It NEVER is – but for merely the creation of yet another needless kind of fast-food, the Vegan likes of which do already exist – they did not even create the first Vegan option in a food-desert!! Not like THAT would have justified it, of course…), and call yourself "Vegan". You may eat a "Plant-based diet", but Vegan you are NOT.

I can drone on it for hours, but, truly, if it isn't obvious to you, I doubt anything would ever help you there… and I can only Hope, that, someday, you WILL go Vegan… since, for as long as you help justify ANY such horrible cruelty towards poor, helpless Animals and propagate such lame carnist excuses for it, you are NOT Vegan, period.

To the vid in question


Written by Oded Kedem

A Vegan, Nudist, Ecological and Atheist Writer and Philosopher from Rehovoth, israel.

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