An Ordinary Update

The summer weather is still horrible, staying home with both airconditioners on almost 24/7 (although today – and the time right now is 11:40 am – I still did not have to turn any of them on!! Seems like it's getting somewhat better… but it's probably merely due to the fact I did not go out yet today; nor do I intend to). Also sleep with an airconditioner – it's absolutely impossible otherwise.

Yesterday created a user at twitter, but deleted it soon after – I'd tried to make SOME politicians see the light of reason, but gave up pretty quickly: it's pointless and I KNOW it. There's a reason I'm not going to vote this time around.

Sharing my pics to Instagram (click it to follow me!! 🙂 ), which is MUCH nicer than youtube (where I've hardly got ANY views at all, not to mention any subscribers!! Please, click it to watch my vids and subscribe to my channel!!).

An EXTREME loneliness.

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