The Intuitive Way is THE ONLY WAY. No Possible Question About It.

Sure, for me, it is so natural and obvious I actually cannot even imagine any other way to live, but the Intuitive; just like I do, for example, with writing, walking, or indeed anything. Of course, when I crave a certain food, if it's available, I'll eat it. Whatever and whenever.

My only food-rule, is that I'm Vegan – PURELY for the Animals. All those "Vegans for health reasons" are crap, they aren't truly Vegan at all: if someone were to prove to them, that some Animal's body is healthy for them, they would eat it. That's why there are so many "ex-Vegans"… they were never real Vegans to begin with; it was just a passing dietary fab, for them, from the very start.

My own usual go-to Lunch is Pasta, with Canola oil, lots of Turmeric, hot Paprika and Garlic and several other Spices, consumed with lots of Hummus. BUT if I crave Ice-Cream, I will go and have Ice-Cream. And it happens just as often, for me, that I would crave a big Veggie Salad of Cucumbers, Onions, Tomatoes, Lemon Juice and Za'atar and have this for Lunch. Or a Semvich. :-)) Whatever Vegan stuff I may like to have and happens to be accessible, for me, at that given moment, I would have – and the ONLY time-based rule I have, is to remember to have a time-gap of AT LEAST three hours for my Iron supplement, which I need and which MUST NEVER be taken too close, in time, to ANYTHING rich in Calcium = such as Tahini, Tahini-rich Hummus, or Flax – or to Coffee/Tea. But the rules end there. 🙂

And I cannot possibly stand all those terrible activists, who stare at you and say "I do not live in order to eat, I just eat in order to live"… I, in fact, DO live in order to eat. :-)) I am chubby and that's just the way I like it. I wonder, in fact, why haven't we so far witnessed an "Occupy Barbie" movement, which would FORCE the bastards to STOP promoting the SICK ideal of "went out of auschwitz = a True, Proper girl"… and, in its stead, to start making Healthy, Neatly ROUNDED Barbie dolls?


Written by Oded Kedem

A Vegan, Nudist, Ecological and Atheist Writer and Philosopher from Rehovoth, israel.

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