Veganism May Not Be "Super-Easy", But

(written as a comment to this video)

1 – Why not count the GOOD things, also, about Veganism? Granted, I am NOT one of those horrible aunties, who'd go and say "why be negative, why criticize, why not talk about the good things, blablabla" – I HATE those; however, the fact remains, that – as long as what you're focused at, is looking for the bad things, you will surely find them and your mind shall magnify them, hey? And Vegan food is NOT all lame, or bad!! I cannot believe that, even in the u.s., you haven't got any GREAT Vegan stuff at all…

2 – which brings me to 01:52 – COME ON now. I PERSONALLY know quite a few Vegan Cheeses, which are PRECISELY like the dairy ones; sure, if you only check crap like "tofuty" you WILL be disappointed!! BUT, the Vegan Cheeses of "Violife" (the one EXCELLENT brand I KNOW even you there, far beyond the distant Atlantic, have…) are PRECISELY like their dairy equivalents; and I'm talking as someone who failed Veganism time and time again, from late-2012 till early-2015, solely due to my Love of Cheese (especially in Burekas), till I have found some GREAT Vegan Cheeses… so, "Violife" is the one even you Americans, are likely to know; there are also small Israeli brands (or even local and private ones), which are Wonderful (even more so than "Violife"!! Actually PERFECT!!).

Or take Cakes for example – The BEST Chocolate Cake I have EVER had was a Vegan one!! At "Loving Hut" branch at Central Prague, the Czech Republic, a little over two years ago. I have also had some Vegan Cheese-and-Berries Cakes which were WOW!!!!, at several Israeli Cafés, during the past few years (especially the one at "Anastasia" Café in Central Tel-Aviv, a bit over a year ago). Or Ice-Creams? Some of the BEST Ice-Creams I know are Vegan (at "Mini Italia" Ice-Cream Parlor, at my HomeTown Rehovoth, who also have EXCELLENT Vegan Cioccolata, Belgian Waffle, Whipped Cream…). Or Chocolate: the BEST "milk" Chocolate brand I know of, is actually Vegan: the Israeli "Panda" Chocolate. Europe has a different kind, "Nirvana"/"Rapunzel", I believe it's called, which is Great as well. Don't you Americans have ANY???

Also, during the years I have come to know pretty many Vegan bakers and cooks here, who make AMAZING Home-made Vegan stuff upon order – AND their Cakes, for example, are no more expensive, than the non-Vegan ones; so there!!

So yes, I AM lucky to reside in Israel = a Country which, in spite of all its minuses, IS very much Vegan Friendly; BUT!! All this comes down to, is that IT IS POSSIBLE, to create yummy Vegan stuff!!

3 – Now, I fully agree with you, that transitioning CAN take time. Even a long time. BUT one should start, one should show a True Will to reach this point, when one IS a Vegan. I, for one, do not "judge" people for being in the transitioning stage, on the contrary: I encourage them and, should they ask my advice, will try to show them ways to do it, like which stuff can be used to replace eggs in which dish etc. One thing that can help A LOT is, of course, having Vegan Friends, be a part of Vegan supporting Community – even if a local one is not yet in existence, one can always find virtual ones… sure, not ideal, but still a huge help.

4 – And, by the end of the day, one must always think of the Cows. And the Chickens. And the Chicks. And the Calves. And ask oneself "is my yummy cheese actually WORTH the horrors, that these poor Animals were subjected to in order to create it?"
For me, however, it was this thought which, eventually, made me Vegan for Life.

Written by Oded Kedem

A Vegan, Nudist, Ecological and Atheist Writer and Philosopher from Rehovoth, israel.

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