There's Absolutely No Reason to Bother, Everything is 100% Hopeless Anyway…

(written as a comment to this vid)

You are somewhat correct; however! The thing is:

communism, socialism, capitalism etc. – as bad as ALL RELIGIONS EVER – are ALL THE PRECISELY SAME SHIT: FASCISM.
There truly is no difference, whether one is demanded to give the nazi salute to the heads of the party, or to the societal norms (YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!), or to some nasty-faced rich-bitch-of-a-bloody-lucky-bastard, or to wall-street-via-hallmark-movies-and-bbc-shitty-dramas-messages-of-"the-right-behaviour-and-the-correct-fashion".
As it is ALL the same garbage, ALL the same crap. ALL people in power, REGARDLESS OF THEIR "OFFICIAL IDEOLOGY", are forEVER vile monsters, seeking only to brutally RAPE our minds and subject our souls to submit into accepting THEIR sick, monstrous and twisted World-view – and ANYONE, who dares not agree: to be gassed in the gas-chamber!! To rot in prison!! To freeze in a gulag!! To burn at the stake!! Heil hitler=obama=stalin=jesus=muhammad=netanyahu=kim=mao=seinfeld=moses=zuckerberg=your-protest-organizers=your-highschool-bitchy-prom-queen. It does not matter, as ALL of them are JUST PRECISELY THE SAME: Monstrous and sadist CONTROL-FREAKS bloody bastards, trying to BRUTALLY RAPE your mind into serve them, in body and soul, while brainwashing you into worshiping what they're doing to you, while chanting "only all others are vile and enslaving, we are enlightened and the führers of the Free World!! Slavery is Freedom, War is Peace, Heil Obedience – Heil!!"
And it IS hopeless. Had humans evolve from a Supreme species, such as Cats or Ravens, things would have been different; but, instead, humans are (the lowest form of) monkeys. And among monkeys (who are frightfully stupid – with humans, OF COURSE, being the dumbest of them all: you just need to watch trump and his voters, in order to see that…), there exists the utterly fucked-up hierarchical order = and HENCE the source of ALL our misery and misfortune.
So, it does not matter: all ANYTHING can bring us, is yet ANOTHER deterioration. It's all hopeless anyway. Why even bother to try…

Written by Oded Kedem

A Vegan, Nudist, Ecological and Atheist Writer and Philosopher from Rehovoth, israel.

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