Robots Are Taking Our Jobs? That's Great News!!

Regarding the "robots taking our jobs" issue – in my opinion, people are tackling it all wrong; EVERYBODY saying that does.

It is GOOD, that the boring, humiliating, dehumanizing and mundane works shall completely be taken over and performed 100% by robots!! It is Great for human dignity and shall completely free ALL human-beings to do whatever the fuck they WANNA do and to dedicate their times to self-development, Arts and so forth.
Now, coming to the issue of money – the right way to deal with THAT aspect, is most certainly NOT brutally forcing people to remain at the humiliating, dehumanizing positions they are being brutally forced to occupy at present, in order to feed themselves and their families (one of THE most sickening aspects of the wall-street reich), BUT to ensure a UNIVERSAL MINIMUM WAGE, which shall NOT be dependent upon the fascist requirement for "arbeit macht frei!!!!" Do not blackmail human beings, into keep working for whoever else and turning themselves into actual slaves, in order to be able to eat!! But rather, COMPLETELY disassociate the two, by defining the obligation of the state to see for the fulfillment of ALL its residents' basic needs, whether they are working – or not.
And remember: we ARE moving towards a moneyless World ANYWAY. 3D printing SHALL become replicators and, before long, we would simply go to the wall and say, for example, "Coffee, black", or "Earl Grey, hot!"

Written by Oded Kedem

A Vegan, Nudist, Ecological and Atheist Writer and Philosopher from Rehovoth, israel.

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