Why Am I Really Poor and Unemployed? Or: Why Do I HATE Israel So Bloody Much

A predominant factor of oppression is socio-political: the fascist majority, at least at the neo-nazi jewboys' land of israHELL, truly and particularly hate ANYONE who dares think for oneself, independently and not saluting to the "Norm!!!!" (which is their bloody god.) This norm means: "admire the military!!!!! Serve it!!!! Adhere to all the Divine Laws of Fashion!!!! Support EACH AND EVERY Israeli military action, against Gaza in particular!!!! Shave your beard!!!! Do not DARE think for yourself!!!! Do not be too intelligent!!!! Blindly obey Authority and NEVER question ANY of its orders, whims, rules or actions!!!! Zieg-heil!!!! Zieg-heil!!!! Zieg-heil!!!! Zieg-heil!!!!"

And – since I am NOT a retarded, mindless puppet for the government, the military, the corporations and their holliwoodic garbage, but am actually able, to think independently and with NO connection to the hive-mind of the zionazi borg-queen – I NEVER get to have ANY job, Most CERTAINLY not at my own field, of excellent expertise!! And am kept in an eternal, hopeless poverty (for which I am the one being blamed by all the WORST of all fascist monsters = ANYONE having ANY sort of blood-relation to me…), while GENETICALLY INFERIOR AND ILLITERATE APES, get all the jobs and are absolutely Free to prosper…


Written by Oded Kedem

A Vegan, Nudist, Ecological and Atheist Writer and Philosopher from Rehovoth, israel.

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