My Response to Unnatural Vegan's "Re: Do All Vegans Think The Same?"

(To the vid in question)

2:20 – The so-called "dietary vegans" are NOT actual Vegans – I mean, they might practically BE Vegans, however, if tomorrow someone were to suggest to them, that murdering this-or-that Animal and eat her flesh would, in fact, help their health, they'll do it without thinking twice (and then, perhaps, will upload a shitty "why i'm no longer vegan" vid and seriously expect us to sympathize with them mass-murderers). Of course, they might later on BECOME real, "ethical" Vegans, but this is another step.

So, of course, I'm very glad they do not murder any Animal and eat only plant-based, BUT they are not real, TRUE Vegans. Not yet, however.

4:23 – ABSOLUTELY!! I will not buy any carnist stuff and most certainly not cook it, for ANY human, no matter what – and I expect ALL human-beings around me to completely accept and respect that, or else I won't stay in contact with them for long… and, of course, I will not order ANYTHING, which isn't Vegan, at a restaurant, for ANYONE, nor have that in my Home (but note next paragraph…). And, if someone is "picky" = well, they do not have to come and eat at MY place… nor to come here at all, for that matter; my (Ethical) Veganism is WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY MORE important.

Note, however, that I restrict it to "any *human*"; Loved ones, who just happen to be Cats, are a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT matter – Cats are not humans and have no possibility to be Vegans, not until a laboratory-synthesized "meat" shall become available for them… that day, I am sure, will come, most likely before 2030 (and, possibly, within the next 5 years even); but, UNTIL that day SHALL come, Cats need to eat and they need to eat meat; there's no escaping that…

8:05 – Personally, I will NEVER sit at a table, that has MURDERED CORPSES upon it, nor do I wish to know ANYONE who might ever EXPECT me to.

When it comes to dairy, I am doing my very best to avoid such scenarios and the people in my Life KNOW I do NOT desire to share a table with them, if they eat/drink any such horror there, and that it is EXTREMELY offensive to me; however, there HAVE been cases I have reluctantly agreed to tolerate it, for a very limited periods of time. At the near future, I might choose to finish off with THAT offensive window, too.

Now, regarding "places where it is being eaten" – well, here in my Hometown of Rehovoth, Israel, there is only ONE purely Vegan Restaurant = "Hummus Badra" – and some Vegan Friendly Ice-Cream Parlors (the Best of which is my number 1 go-to place, ALWAYS), which do also serve dairy, as bad as eggy stuff (such as pancakes etc.). All Cafes, however, are Vegan Friendly at best and do ALSO serve corpses, either of fish or farm-Animals = same thing, for me. I do not boycott them because of that, so long as they ARE Vegan Friendly, because I do believe, that actively encouraging them to add more and more Vegan stuff to their menus and to veganize more and more non-vegan stuff from it IS important; and, with most of them, I do have a pretty good success in this matter. BUT I do NOT sit at places, where murdered corpses are being roasted and the smell is all around you = with THAT complete horror I canNOT live.

10:40 – With SUCH revolting "friends" I have cut ALL contact the very day I went Vegan, NEVER to meet any of them again, THANK GOODNESS.

12:40 – I 100% agree with you there – if that story is true, then what they did was, primarily, punishing the victims of that cruelty and caused them a lot more pain still.

13:16 – There's no such thing as "allowing yourself an exception" and all that GARBAGE.

Remember: FOR * A N Y * SUCH "EXCEPTION", AN INNOCENT ANIMAL WAS TORTURED AND MURDERED (or "just" murdered; or "just" tortured). It is PRECISELY the same as someone saying, "sure, I am anti-rape and acting for rape-victims and demonstrating in support of Equal Rights for Women EVERYWHERE – but, hey, if it's a holiday and I'm feeling like pampering myself, I might go, grab a girl in an alley and rape her; why not? I'm still a pro-women activist for 362 days of the year"… Just THE SAME.

14:00 – Oy oy oy!! So carnist MONSTERS (who should have been locked up for mass-murder LONG ago) label us(!!!! Meaning: The murderous, nazi and sadistic MONSTER, labels the Decent Person!!) as "extremists"…

WE are the Decent, Just and Moral people!! So, WE are labeling the carnist mass-murderers, NOT the other way around!!!!

(And HERE I stopped watching her vid)


Written by Oded Kedem

A Vegan, Nudist, Ecological and Atheist Writer and Philosopher from Rehovoth, israel.

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