A General Update, Thursday, the 5th of December 2019

Studies – moving successfully ahead with the French; after completing it: either Swedish or Dutch (both of which are laughably easy).

Romance – none. 😦 Yesterday evening had a rather promising date, but, unfortunately, it ended with nothing: I simply did not feel anything towards her… the thing in my Heart, that should have been lit, turned on, remained off. Just looked at her and – nothing. So, nothing new there… continuing with "okcupid", for luck of better options; I also keep my eyes open, of course, but – I'm waaaaaaaaay too shy to know, how do they wish to be approached (and don't tell me something as general and obvious as "with respect" = this is clear and goes without saying. But, beyond it… as gender-cancelling and "connecting to my feminine side" etc. as I am, I nonetheless still have absolutely no idea, what do girls actually want; as I'm just a guy… and we cannot understand girls).

[to use "man" and "women" instead? Naaah… This would just feel, I don't know, old somehow… during my youth, I had always used to think of being 40-something as literally ancient, a dinosaur practically, but – hey, I'm just a guy, you know? Like Zaphod Beeblebrox. 😉 ]

Work – none in sight, and I have had ENOUGH!!!! of pointlessly killing myself over looking for one. The israelis anywhere just, simply, hate me; there truly is nothing else to it. So – nothing in sight.

Weather – HORRIBLE. It does ALWAYS kill me, how the English-speakers (a civilization I have absolutely NO fond for, yet nonetheless produced the BEST Literature anywhere), refer to blissful, RAINY Weather as "bad", or with even worse derogatory and abusive terms… I mean, had been a cloud, I would LONG ago have taken a personal insult from this and leave them, to rot in drought!! But no, instead, THEY keep on getting all the good stuff, while we here dry out, with practically no Rain in sight.

Gym – officially over with. Had done its role, for me: I would not have survived last year at that HORRIBLE place without it, of course, also during the summer it was good – but that's it; I simply have no use for it anymore. I am NOT an athlete, nor do I ever desire to be one; on the contrary: I am a Snail and a proud couch-potato, with an ADORABLE belly to match. 🙂 I Love walking in Nature, of course – but that's officially it.

Politics – well, should my Friends from abroad (from the Lovely Republic in particular) wish to comprehend, What the FUCK is the current madness all about, I will dedicate a post (or better: a vid… well, we'll see) to that matter. For the moment, suffice to say, that – should there indeed be a third round, I will support Merets = be it by actively joining them and campaigning myself for them, or by just voting for them – and, I do Hope, that THE LARGE LIST shall be created, by ALL relevant political parties TOGETHER.

Reads – nowanights reading, again, "A Stranger in a Strange Land".

Travels – well, planning some from Spring 2021 onwards… though, sadly, not before: getting a new, better computer (this one is from summer 2014 and hardly works anymore) is expected to eat away all my budgets for 2020.

That's all for now.


Written by Oded Kedem

A Vegan, Nudist, Ecological and Atheist Writer and Philosopher from Rehovoth, israel.

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