Ungrokkable Things

In the far North (and South), it is night dark on midday during Winter and sunlight on midnight during summer.

Up (or down) there, Lakes freeze and become solid.

On many places, the Sun seems to be rising, in the morning, out of the Sea/Ocean, but setting on land.

As MERE GEOGRAPHICAL FACTS, I know all that ever since I was six years old.

However, I cannot comprehend it. I cannot grasp it. I cannot possibly imagine these things!

For me, based upon my own personal life experience, they are literally impossible.

So, I might know them, in my brain, as FACTS – but, they are too alien for me to actually be able to picture such possibilities as real-life actual events, which can happen on this very universe.

Since I have never experienced them. On my World, while Winter days are shorter than summer days, the difference isn't very big – so six pm on December is dark, while six pm on june is light. Cool. But midday is FOREVER light. Midnight is FOREVER dark. When by the Sea-coast, standing upon land looking out at Sea, the Sun might set into it, if the timing is right, but NEVER rise out of it!! The idea sounds more insane, for me, than the prospect of actually viewing a herd of huge flying pink elephants crossing the sky. And the ONLY way water can turn into ice, is if you put them in the freeze; otherwise, even on the coldest Winter day, the ice shall melt, shortly after being taken out of the fridge and into the open air.

It is of absolutely no consequence that I KNOW such things DO happen regularly, just a mere few thousand kilometers away; I have never experienced them = and So, I cannot grok them.


Written by Oded Kedem

A Vegan, Nudist, Ecological and Atheist Writer and Philosopher from Rehovoth, israel.

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