10 Vegan Hacks You've Gotta Try

A Very good vid, highly agree.

Mine would be:

1 – Since one of the most common wonderings is "but how could I go Vegan, the eggs are necessary in cakes!", it is important to know and teach, what the Vegan alternatives for eggs are; for example, put one table-spoon of ground Flax in a small container / bowl with a bit of water for 10 minutes = and here is an egg. For sweets, also, one table-spoon of Apple sauce = one egg (GREAT for Pancakes!). And there are more options, each fits for a different taste… but these are the two main ones.

2 – Since another barrier to becoming Vegan is, most often, the love for Cheese, Explore all available Vegan Cheese options in your area; among the international ones, I personally highly recommend "Violife" (BEST Vegan Mozzarella I know of). Also, if you happen to have a food-processor at Home, practice making Cashew Cheeses… which RULE.

3 – Peas, Beans and Peanut-Butter are all EXCELLENT Protein-sources; Peanut-Butter is very nutritious and highly satisfying besides.

4 – Hummus and Tahini are, OF COURSE, ALWAYS Great. Tahini is also THE BEST source for Calcium that can be.


Written by Oded Kedem

A Vegan, Nudist, Ecological and Atheist Writer and Philosopher from Rehovoth, israel.

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