GO VOTE FOR BERNIE NOW!!!! What Jesse Jackson's Bernie endorsement means to AOC.


Evidently, voters turn-out is THE number one, even the ONLY problem for our political camp. It isn't only in these elections, nor is it only in your country. Here in Israel, too, the Left DOES have a majority!! Only problem is, most of this majority enjoys being TOTALLY silent and, above all, to NEVER show up and vote – all the while, OF COURSE, the insane psychopaths of the extreme WRONG political camp = the illegal settlers, the ultra-orthodox, the extreme nationalistic-religious fanatics (who are very much like your bible-waving maniacs from the bible-belt = their best pals, naturally), do appear to vote at full strength!!

But, the Leftists, the people on our side? For the most part, they would much rather just stay home, sit and sulk in front of their facebook and take a HUGE Pleasure and feeling sorry for themselves; but, actually MOVING their bloody little asses and GO VOTING in order to CHANGE their current situation?!?? Gods forbid!!!! As an actual victory, shall forever erase their ability to feel sorry for themselves = a sick and perverse hobby, which they enjoy Best of All.

Of course, remembering to vote, when it's (Gods forbid) only joe trump VS donald biden, shall help nobody at all! The time to wake your fellow voters, all throughout that united states of yours, is NOW!! As THE WORLD DESPERATELY NEEDS BERNIE AT THE GLOBAL-HELM!!!!

(PLEASE, cite me everywhere you can!!!!)


Written by Oded Kedem

A Vegan, Nudist, Ecological and Atheist Writer and Philosopher from Rehovoth, israel.

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