Are PETA Now COMPLETE Jerks? 'Cause They Sure Made Complete Asses of Themselves Here

Finally, a vid from her I fully agree with.

It is simply a computer-game!! It's NOT real!! :-))

They remind me of one, I think he was Al Gore's corunner at 2000, senator Joe(?) Lieberman, who was horrified by the computer-game "Carmageddon", where the way to gather points and win is to intentionally run over and kill every innocent pedestrian in sight, so he demanded to prohibit the game…

But people do not, after playing with it, decide "hey it's cool, let's do that now in real life!" and actually start slaughtering pedestrians… or "Age of Empires 2", where the way to advance includes to cut down all forests in sight, and the way to win, is to commit genocide. I doubt even a single player turned into a nazi mass-murderer, or started cutting off Trees, as a result of playing that game…

Every person with a reasonable, or even minimal amount of sanity realizes, that these are GAMES, FANTASIES and that reality is different. It is just like with the extreme kinds of Porn, which some hysterical feminists scream "it teaches boys to become rapists!!" Of course not. No one, who isn't SEVERELY psychotic, would take a Porn-fantasy, or a computer-game, as a guide for Real Life.

So, PETA came out total idiots in that respect. Just like that ridiculous 2000-senator.


Written by Oded Kedem

A Vegan, Nudist, Ecological and Atheist Writer and Philosopher from Rehovoth, israel.

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