Donald Trump Is Now Officially The Enemy Of His Own People

The US Civil-War

For generations, the american bully has brutalized everyone within his reach; but yesterday, their corrupt regime has turned against its own people, officially assassinating the last remains of their dying Democracy and turning them into a de-facto military dictatorship, just like at ANY regime where the tyrant, in fear of his throne, uses police&military might against his own people.

Of course, it was clear that, someday, such an event shall happen; it was bound to, unfortunately. You cannot brutalize and sadistically subjugate dozens of foreign countries, savagely raping them into serving your own will, and not realizing that, some day, the force you used to brutally rape others, shall be turned to be also used against you. And in a country where "an army veteran" is a god-like hero and where almost one percent(!!) of the population is behind bars, a country where brutal policemen are practically worshiped (by revolting TV-shows portraying them as some sort of benevolent angels, or something) and which has cruel, savage violence sewn into the very heart of its cultural being, it was only a question of time, until such a thing shall occur; I, for one, have been surprised that it did not happen back on the 1980's already!

The wild american beast is now drawing its very last breaths. And, even though I have always been anti-american, I nonetheless cannot possibly say I am happy about it. For now, the united states has many good people, such as the Vegan Youtubers whose stuff I, like millions of other people all around the globe, so enjoy watching; of course, I am worried about their well-being and wishes them only good. And, for another, from as global point of view, the fall of the americans (who, at least on paper, do have several basic human rights written into their constitution, even if they have never fully respected these rights, at any point throughout their blood-thirsty history) is bound, of course, to bring about the rise of the chinese… who have no concept of "human rights" whatsoever and who are bound to bring us all nothing, but catastrophic, dystopian misery.


Written by Oded Kedem

A Vegan, Nudist, Ecological and Atheist Writer and Philosopher from Rehovoth, israel.

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