Regarding the Current Situation at the united states of North America

Well, I do feel that I can no longer ignore what's going on. I must emphasis, already for a start, that it is NOT my intent to sound insensitive in anyway towards the victims, nor do I wish to try and meddle with your internal affairs. It is not my way. My writing about it is from an external viewpoint, of someone who knows your continent ONLY through various media, be it Books, TV-shows, Movies, or youtube-vlogs – and has NEVER truly cared for the way "amewica" handles itself, nor for its murderous meddlings all around the World.

I write as an israeli of (Polish-Kurdish) Jewish descent. The apartheid state of israel is just about as racist as the deepest american south, and while there, the racism is against anyone, who isn't a protestant-christian "white" person, here it is against anyone who isn't a jew = predominantly, of course, the Palestinian Arabs, but also workers from abroad (predominantly the Philippines) and Refugees from Africa. Many jews will whine about "racism" towards them, but it is bullshit – as ALL jews, are one murderous, blood-thirsty gang of mass-murderers, bent upon genociding the Palestinians and deporting any other non-jewish person out of here. ALL zionists (=jews who chose to live in israel) are a part of it.

Personally, of course, I am an anti-zionist israeli, as I said, of Jewish descent. I sometimes define myself as a Jew, too, but not too often – as judaism has COMPLETELY been stained by mad racist hateful amok against anyone who is not a jew – and I will NEVER be a part of that. only live in israel, since (due to the Czech people's built-in racism) my attempt to live in the Czech Republic failed (exactly two years ago). So, as you can see, I am Not an israeli by choice, but merely by birth.

However: I DO do my Best, to fight against the revolting zionist racism here. There isn't much that I can do – the ONLY thing the israeli….~Left~ has EVER been any good at, is endless internal, egomaniac-driven struggles; their (our) mutual ideological goals, for the vast majority of them, come absolutely last. So, I just write.

All this is here merely to explain, from whence do I look at you and your current ordeal.

NOW, REGARDING THE U.S.: I, for one, have never been able to understand your system, americans. I mean, Why the FUCK would you register a person IMAGINABLE "race" (a fiction anyway, as genetics has ALREADY proven, that ALL humans, are one single race anyway…) in your census? Or refer to it when it comes to police-affairs?

So, instead of "White", you sometimes say "Caucasian" = an utter nonsense I could never have figured out the reason for, until I heard a completely idiotic explanation, that "the people of the Caucasus, are considered very Beautiful and White is Beautiful, so there".

It is among THE stupidest things I have ever heard, in my entire Life.

First, who ever said, the the people of the Caucasus are the most Beautiful folk? Some would say they are, some would say they aren't, there cannot be any "objective viewpoint" regarding this stuff.

Second, WHO THE FUCK SAID, THAT "WHITE IS BEAUTIFUL"?!? I confess that I,PERSONALLY, am more attracted to the fair/pale complexion, merely because it's in the nature of a human to, usually, being statistically more attracted to those who look like him/her. So??? This isn't even right for all people – and, most certainly, some would be more attracted to white, some to black, some to all range of other different look – there is no "objective definition of Beauty", PERIOD!! There cannot possibly be. Beauty, as said Miss Piggy, is in the eye of the beholder.

So – to actually go and make that ultra-idiotic and 100%-subjective suggestion a bloody OFFICIAL matter?!??

So, instead of "Black", you sometime say "African-American". This always reminds me that sorrowful and excellent episode on the film "Jungle Fever", where the cops say, "we saw an African-American male standing over a Caucasian female" (or such like…), so they had automatically assumed, it is rape they are seeing – and hurried in to stop it…

Now, according to the politically-correct sick newspeak, they were "absolutely fine"!!

But were they fine?

All your politically-correctness has done – except, of course, horribly impairing the Supreme Value of FREE SPEECH – is to "sweep the problems under the carpet". Which is, by essence, a very bad idea indeed. ALWAYS.

When you wish to tackle racism and getting rid of it, it cannot possibly be "enough" to merely change the name on the label!! Why do you still use those labels at all?? Suppose tomorrow you'll substitute "White" with "Parrot" and "Black" with "Rabbit", will this solve anything?! So, your headlines will tell of "a Parrot police officer attacked and killed a Rabbit teenager, who happened to be walking suspiciously at an all-Parrot neighbourhood".

I mean, CUT THE BULLSHIT!! You wish to really get rid of racism?! How about you STOP referring to people – at census, police-dealings, health-care supplying and so on – according to the shade of their bloody skin and start simply considering them as INDIVIDUAL HUMAN BEINGS, REGARDLESS to where their 563th-Great-GrandMother was born?!??

It would also do you extremely good to shift your movie-industry, from the sickeningly violent, gun-filled CRAP that it is today, to POSITIVE stuff promoting Love, Brotherhood, caring for each other and helping one another. Just a thought… and same goes, of course, for computer-games etc. (I know, playing violent computer-games does not make a person "imitating" them, that's usually nonsense. HOWEVER: has ANY one of you EVER actually stopped to think, what would your society look like, if all kids were normally playing games, at which they would receive credits for HELPING one another?)

Perhaps then, you will also STOP brutalizing all other parts of the World, igniting one unnecessary and semi-genocidal war after another.

As, if my view – as someone from the outside – the u.s.a. is practically MADE SOLELY from gun-violence. THAT is what has always defined you, as a nation, in my eyes. You might very well wish to change that. RIGHT NOW.


Written by Oded Kedem

A Vegan, Nudist, Ecological and Atheist Writer and Philosopher from Rehovoth, israel.

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