When I say, I demand to completely abolish the "age of consent" limitation, what do I mean

During the years, many people asked me (rather hysterically, of course… 😦 as it is pretty rare to find RATIONAL human-beings at this day and age, particularly among females), "WHAT?!??!?!? Do you want to enable people to tempt four-year-old's with candies, to rape and kill them?!?!???"

OF COURSE not. 🙂 Since

A – I am 100% AGAINST rape, whether the victim is 9, 19 or 90(?!?). My stance has always been, that rapists should and must either be executed, or (if that's not possible) locked away for EVER; yes, even if they are presidents (as was my stance back on 2006-2007, when the person then filling the role of Israel's President turned out to be serial rapist, too… 😦 In my own opinion, there can NEVER be ANY "justification" for rape, regardless of whether the victim "went upstairs with him", or "dressed not according to the laws of 17th-century-psychotic-religious-fanatic-apes-mascarading-as-modern-religious-communities-leaders".

B – Needless to say, I am not talking about kinder-garden's infants. Change the laws in question to prohibit Sex with them and I shall have no problem with that.

C – No one has mentioned any candies anywhere; 😀 please, try and reply logically and to the point.

What do I mean. Take the fascist authoritarian reich, commonly referred to as "the united states of america" (or "Land of the Enslaved, Brainwashed into THINKING they are Free"); those christian monsters have set their "age of consent" at 18!!!! THIS is the sort of madness, which completely eclipse EVERYTHING that BOTH the most lunatic hasidic Jews AND the taliban have EVER said, or done. And those fumbling religious madmen have even gone as far as to throw a gentle 18-year-old lad, into one of their concentration-death-camps-known-as-"prisons", for two years, solely for the "crime" of… making tender, Beautiful Love to his 16-year-old girlfriend.

And you tell me of some current racial riots!! The heredescribed case alone proves, that the u.s.-of-a. is far WORSEthan nazi germany AND soviet russia combined!!

And, besides – if two 11-year-old children, choose to experience Sweet Joys and Bodily Pleasures together, HOW TH4E BLOODY FUCK could this be any business of "the state" to meddle in?!?? That very IDEA raise stench of the most fanatic bolshevism (liked the one which had completely destroyed the poor and beaten Albanian society between 1945 and 1992!) I can possibly think of.

And, of course: the very notion of "an age of consent" somehow brought upon the worst possible kind of a Thought Police, similar to the one described at George Orwell's "1984" (a MUST-read, by the way – especially now).

Well, I can go on and on about this subject (and perhaps I will in the future), but I do believe, that the points I have here given you, are way more than just "enough", in order for you to completely agree with me, that this one set of laws SHOULD and MUST be repelled AT ONCE.


Written by Oded Kedem

A Vegan, Nudist, Ecological and Atheist Writer and Philosopher from Rehovoth, israel.

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