My Reaction to "Unnatural Vegan"'s Reaction to Some Vids, Titled "Do Vegans Need To Talk About Black Lives Matter?"

To UV's vid

First, You know very very well, that the atrocities that non-human Animals have been subjected to FOR FUCKING MILLENNIA, are THE WORST (AND CONSTANT!!!!) HOLOCAUST IN FUCKING HUMAN HISTORY. So, if ANYONE is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO brainly FUCKED-UP as to take an offense at having "their(!!) 'sacred' holocaust and treasured(!!) suffering" compared to what "just animals!!" have been going through, then, by all means, Let me catch them in their neck and break ALL their fucking bones.

As the jewish and rroma holocaust 80 years ago, was just a sudden glimpse of an instant, when some few millions of humans were "reduced" (so called) to the "level" of Animals and suffered A TINY SUB-MICROSCOPIC FRACTION OF A SMALLEST BIT of what ALL none-human Animals have been suffering ever since the revolting homo genus had first emerged, up to this very day!!!!

YOU know this fact very, very well. So STOP protecting the carnist blood-thirsty MONSTERS all the time!!!!

And to actually APOLOGIZE(!!!!) for "comparing humans to Animals"??!?? BLOODY FUCK, any – ANY!! – human being compared to ANY non-human Animal WHATSOFUCKINGLYEVER, should consider him/herself to be flattered. Comparing another Animal to some bloody human = here, THIS is an insult!!

And I am writing this as an ALWAYS inter-sectional Vegan, who does ALSO constantly write and speak against racism (especially the jewish racism against all non-jewish people, as it manifests itself in BOTH the 53-year-long occupation – AND 72-year-apartheid – against the Palestinians = who, by many means, are the local equivalent of BOTH the African- AND the Native-Americans – as bad as the TERRIBLE israeli treatment of African helpless Refugees = a matter at which israel is just as bad as italy, or hungary), against the rising israeli corruption (led by netanyahu = the israeli trump), against abuse of workers (be it local or international), against what trump (helped by the revolting "amazon" and others) has been doing to poor migrants at your southern border, against the rising of dictatorship and totalitarianism at so many former-Democracies (including israel), for Protecting the Environment, for Human-Rights, against reckless driving… as I HAVE ALWAYS BELIEVED, THAT WE MUST UNITE ALL CAMPAIGNS and, for the very least (since no one can, of course, be active at all fronts at once), Be AWARE of them all and act as you can, anywhere you can.

And I believe, and fully agree, that it is ridiculous to avoid simply writing "Black Lives Matter" and post it, since "we do only care for Animals". So, don't dedicate an entire day for physically protesting, but not spend two seconds for posting three words? Indeed, that is stupid.


And I am willing to FORCE this fact into ANYBODY'S head, by EACH AND EVERY MEAN NECESSARY.


Written by Oded Kedem

A Vegan, Nudist, Ecological and Atheist Writer and Philosopher from Rehovoth, israel.

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