I REALLY know well Hebrew (my Native Language – I also teach it, so if you'll ever decide to add Hebrew to your list, talk to me 🙂 ) and English, BUT I have a basic knowledge in quite many other Languages: I had studied German quite a bit (but I do NOT like it, so deserted it completely), I had learned Hungarian for quite a few years (a Beautiful Language; pity the souls of its speakers are so terribly ugly), and have been on and off studying French, Spanish and Czech (especially when I had lived in the Republic and taught a Hebrew Language Course at Mladá Boleslav), have come across Italian here and there, and I also studied Esperanto last year, but gave it up when I figured that I shall never be able to locate a single person to actually using it with, so…

At all these Languages, I can communicate at a very basic level, if required – for example, "Kde stojí autobus do Bondy Centrum? Ah, tady? Děkuji!" or "Ez NEM igoz! Én NEM vásároltam ezt a bort, és tudom, hogy ti Budapestiek tolvajok vagytok!! Kurva anyad!!" or "Ich weiss' nicht, warum das S1 Bahn hatte nicht kommt noch… na ja, Ich wurde hier setzen und lese diese Buch", and so on. 😉

Also, I have come across – and know little bits, here and there – of Russian, Sanskrit, Dutch, Aramaic, Swedish, POLISH ( 🙂 ), Arabic… and had learned (but pretty much forgot almost all, sadly) some Albanian, Telugu, Akkadian and Malayalam. Maybe I'll get back to them, some day in the future… 🙂


Written by Oded Kedem

A Vegan, Nudist, Ecological and Atheist Writer and Philosopher from Rehovoth, israel.

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