A Short General Update

I have no longer any power to be a political activist; I have been drained to the source. Due to Health problems (as bad as the usual summer heat…), my studies have pretty much halted – however, as slowly as it goes, I am studied French AND, very gradually, going back to Czech. Hacker problem solved. New creative ideas may manifest themselves soon? For the first time in nearly twenty three years(!), I am 100% debt-free. In spite of the returning of the railway-service (after about three months, due of course to the corona crisis), I have decided not to travel to Tel-Aviv anytime soon, since going, in the buses and trains and then walking about in the Tel-Avivian extreme humidity and heat, with the mask all the time (in Israel, we are still required to wear masks while walking on the street, too), would be nothing, but torture; so, I'll better wait for the Autumn for this… unless, of course, I'll have a fine and good objective reason (date? job?) to do so. Spending lots of time on youtube and facebook – believe you me, I put ALL the energies I do still have left in me, into trying to break free of them, but… the loneliness… is much too hard for me to bare. At least, I dedicate some of my time on facebook to try get some work/job (time for you to like, enjoy, share and recommend My Photographing Page!! LOTS of Lovely photos there). Have plans regarding coming vids for my youtube channel (PLEASE subscribe to it!!!! And like some vids!! Both for myself AND, most importantly, for Veganism!! Thanks!!). Rereading the WONDERFUL "The Merlin Conspiracy", by Diana Wynne Jones. And… well, that's all for now, more or less.


Written by Oded Kedem

A Vegan, Nudist, Ecological and Atheist Writer and Philosopher from Rehovoth, israel.

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