Religion IS a Sick and Dark Mental Illness; It Is a Fact.

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On one hand, OF COURSE it is everybody's right to put whatever they choose, AS LONG AS THEY SUPPORT MY RIGHT NOT TO PUT ANYTHING AND WALK PUBLICLY IN THE NUDE. If they do not support my right for Nudity, then I will not support their right to wear whatever they like to.
But, suppose they do. Then cool, let them put the veil (by now all of us do anyway… 😦 ), or the streimel or whatever.
HOWEVER: one cannot possibly rule out and ignore the fact, that religion IS a sort of slavery to a very sick form of patriarchy, for both the women and the children, who were unlucky enough to be born in those horrible cults of sadistic priests, rabbis and imams (of course not all of those are sadistic, some just wrong, but the oppression IS at the very heart, at the very core, of all those dark beliefs!). To simply say that "they chose it and are just as feminist" is, in fact, saying "slavery is freedom", as the bolshevic reich of oceania in "1984" brainwashes its subjects into believing.
It so happened I was just reading some… THINGS some of those HORRIBLE cult-fuhrers wrote, about "how important it is, to teach your children to respect authority and to forever obey blindly and mindlessly!!", so let no one tell ME, that this is not the case there! Both christianity (which is THE ABSOLUTE WORST in my eyes – possibly only buddhism is just as monstrous) AND islam DO demand blind obedience, just like the nazis did and the monsters currently oppressing north korea and eritrea still do (in fact, quite a lot of what THOSE north-american priests and imams wrote, could easily have been copied from joseph goebbels, or from kim jong-un, word for word; THAT's how horrible it is. The simple FACT, that their Jesus, Muhammad and luther did NOT mindlessly obeyed authorities (more like the opposite, hey? 🙂 ) seems to have escaped them COMPLETELY.
When it comes to judaism, THIS is a religion based upon a very strong tradition of free debate and very passionate controversies as THE best way to get closer to god's intention, which does NOT emphasis blind obedience; HOWEVER, the sickening racism built into judaism and the horrible maiming of all male newly-born babies (as bad as its built in sexism and homophobia of course… 😦 ) do more than "just" enough to "compensate" for THIS accidental Humanism…
So, NO: slavery is NEVER "freedom". Which does not justify that chap running away from debate himself… which is, perhaps, THE number one illness, of our political camp: each person just screams his/her own, without ever willing to take part at a free debate, and "you think otherwise? So, go and build your own party/movement!!" => which goes to explain why do we currently have way more political organisations, than actual people being activists at all of them combined.

Written by Oded Kedem

A Vegan, Nudist, Ecological and Atheist Writer and Philosopher from Rehovoth, israel.

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