KNOW the first Ottoman siege of Vienna took place in 1577. But, all of a sudden, all Historical data I can possibly find, places it on 1529 = merely three years, after the Ottomans occupied Hungary!!

And, in fact, it is NOT the first time, that such a thing happens. KNOW, for a FACT, that the first bridge, connecting Buda and Pest = Szechényi Lánchíd – was inaugurated in 1873 = as Pest, Buda and O Buda were unified into Budapest. However, a while back I found out, it was supposedly opened by 1842 (a pure bullshit, of course – as there was no bridge connecting the two sides at the time of the 1848 uprising!!) – and, when I checked it NOWall of a sudden, the sources all seem to claim that it was completed and inaugurated on November 1849 = just a few weeks after that revolution had been crushed??!? And that it "brought prosperity" – what the BLOODY FUCK????? The almost 18 years that followed the defeat, up until the 1867-Compromise, were a very sad time for the Hungarians living back then, under the extreme Austrian oppression = "the Bach Period". There was absolutely no "prosperity" for them back then.

And, there is more still: I have learned, that it was Percival Lowell himself who discovered Pluto back on 1930, mistaking him for "the ninth planet", of course, since the existence of any other Kuiper Belt object was still unknown. HOWEVER, during the past few years, all sources claim, for some reason, that it was some student of his who discovered it, because Lowell himself was already dead?!?

In fact, I can tell you exactly when these strange things started to appear: during my first visit to Berlin, on November 2013, I had checked some Israeli online news-sources, to try and find out about the result of the israeli labour party's primary election and who their new chairman is. Those elections were scheduled to take place on the 14th that month – but, upon checking everywhere, all sources had suddenly insisted, that they were scheduled for a week later = the 21st!!

And, we are not talking "a '1984'-style cover-up plan" or anything like that – what prompted my renewed interest in this inexplicable phenomenon was the fact, that in an old History Book (from the 1940's!!) I found, that the first siege of Vienna, has suddenly seemed to have moved 48 years(!) back in time…






Written by Oded Kedem

A Vegan, Nudist, Ecological and Atheist Writer and Philosopher from Rehovoth, israel.

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