About Heightism

It is indeed a problem – although, on the other hand, it does help a lot to screen out the ones who are just WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY too shallow and stupid (all the gold-digging, retarded little barbies out there). I am 172 cm (how much is it in that weird, feet-and-inches out-dated "system"? Beats me. Look it up. And GO METRIC!!), but practically ALL dating-apps-and-sites chicklets want their mate to be "at least 180!!" – and THAT is the number one, pretty often even THE ONE AND ONLY SINGLE THING that they do at all care about!!

I will FOREVER remember some PARTICULARLY dumb… suspected-object-of-a-being, at a "recorded voice messages mobile phones dating service" back on the early years of this century (2003, perhaps? 2006?), who had introduced herself like that: "one-seventy, in a serious relationship. The most important thing for me is that you'll be tall, AT LEAST one-eighty!! So if you're serious, and ONLY if you're serious, leave me a message"…

YES!! That air-head did ONLY tell about herself that she's one-metre-and-seventy-centimetre tall, and that she expects her date to be AT LEAST one-metre-and-eighty-centimetre tall. Ah, and that she's only looking for "a serious relationship" (in their mentality: A WEDDING). What should be THE BASE for the said "serious relationship", A RULER?!??

So, yes, that's from the ultimate cesspool of dating-services: chicks who ONLY look for a wedding-ring, with a guaranteed eternal financial support – and nothing beyond that. Who merely want their men to be their private ATM's. However, such things can be seen throughout the entire dating-stuff – INCLUDING more than half the profile at "ok-shmupid".

And, however: making fun of someone's height, IS disgusting.

And, as for the opening… are all people in that place, long island, actually jump on each other and beat each other for no reason? Brrrrrrrrrrr


Written by Oded Kedem

A Vegan, Nudist, Ecological and Atheist Writer and Philosopher from Rehovoth, israel.

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