A Response to Shoe

To THIS vid.

Shoe dear,

A – Yes, you are absolutely right about the "TERF" transophobic stuff, and radical feminism as a whole, being utter bullshit.

B – You are ALSO absolutely right about that each person should be doing whatever the fuck they feel like.

C – HOWEVER!! * T H I S * is where the agreeing STOPS. 🙂 Yes, shaving and make-up ARE acts of slavery, to the Rich Enemies of the People from wall-street and you are ONLY doing that, since you have been BRAINWASHED and CONDITIONED into doing that, by all the mass-media and mainstream cinema, ALL of which are owned and ran by….YES!! THE RICH ENEMIES FROM WALL-STREET!! In fact, "gilette" probably takes part in financing all those crappy films, where practically ALL the actors and actresses look as if they were BARBIES MADE FROM PLASTIC – and if there IS a chap with a beard, he's probably the bad guy (in order to ENFORCE the brainwash upon all viewers, that "good people obey!!!! Good people shave!!!! Obey the corporations and shave, heil money!!!!").

D – As long as all the FASHION-VICTIMS, are shaming US (the NON-shaving crowd), WE shall shame THEM back. They started it, so we SHALL get back at them – and I don't care, if it is childish. It IS my birth-given RIGHT to be as childish as I fuckingly WANT. 🙂

E – I really liked the Music at the end of it.

F – You BOTH are Real Cute. 🙂


Written by Oded Kedem

A Vegan, Nudist, Ecological and Atheist Writer and Philosopher from Rehovoth, israel.

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