What Is Gold-Pressed Latinum Worth? No Way for Us to Know, Really

I should think an estimate of 0.5 $ would be most likely here… though of course, one must remember we ARE talking about ~350 years in the future; everything is BOUND to be VERY different.

Take it the other way through History, 350 years IN OUR PAST, things had been VERY different as well: for example, back then on the 17th Century, at least on Central and Eastern Europe, ONE SET OF CLOTHES COSTED MORE THAN AN ENTIRE COUNTRY HOUSE.

Why? Because, while agricultural land was laughably cheap (as there had been very few people, hardly enough to even work the land…) – clothes had to always be made by hand (as there was absolutely no machinery – and so, no such thing as "mass production" was, at all, possible, nor even thinkable). So, while getting your house was not a big deal, buying clothes was – and most people only had ONE set of clothes; a rich nobleman might have had two: one for daily work and one to go to church, or to the king's court. Having more than that, would have meant you are VERY extremely rich and powerful (and probably owned a castle and a small army and had a lot of weight at determining who's the next king gonna be, as well).

So, could one from THAT time POSSIBLY understand our monetary system and prices (or, indeed, our entire society and way of thinking)? Of course not!!

And, bearing in mind how the rate of changing escalates as you move forward through History and that our civilization, is still MUCH closer to that of our 17th century ancestors, than to the Inter-stellar civilization of "Star Trek", there truly is no way for us to even try and begin to speculate, about the possible value of anything THAT far ahead…


Written by Oded Kedem

A Vegan, Nudist, Ecological and Atheist Writer and Philosopher from Rehovoth, israel.

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