A Massive Victory for Freedom and Common Sense

From the Opening of the Story "Land of the Free":

Paedophile Sex Laws Repealed

In landmark decisions both in the USA and across Europe it was suddenly decided to relax and decriminalize virtually all of the existing laws relating to paedophilia and child pornography.

Authorities in all these countries agreed that police time was better spent in tackling the worsening problems with drug related crime and they also agreed that in the interest of personal individual freedom these laws had gone too far. It was true that more children were either killed or maimed due to motor car accidents in one week than any harm had ever come to children because of paedophile activity. For that reason the governments have announced a new set of strict laws relating to speeding motorists and the tracking down of drug barrens who are causing devastation to all societies on earth. There has been a virtual witch hunt over the past few years regarding paedophiles and now that all looks to be over.

Paedophiles in prison are to be released within the next few days and the Internet is set to be deregulated and allowed to operate with complete freedom and autonomy. It is thought that paedophile websites will openly flourish within weeks.

A spokesperson for the government said 'if there really is a big market for this type of content out there, and we think there is, then who are we to pass judgment on human nature and what is considered normal or not'. Secret government surveys carried out revealed a very large majority of adults actually supported deregulation of paedophilia and child pornograhy.

Amongst other surprising changes in the sex laws it was decided to virtually abolish the age of consent for sexual activity of all kinds, putting in its place instead rules stating that a parent's consent was the only consideration for any sort of sexual activity to take place with a child under the age of 12. For age 12 and over, only the consent of the child was required. The laws clearly gave the green light to a sexual revolution, but of course were greeted with dismay by religious groups (at least for public consumption).

Ian Baldock who was jailed for running the largest child pornography website on the Internet said 'this is a massive victory for freedom and common sense. There are of course some men and women who find older partners sexually attractive, and there is never harassment of them. so why should the great number of men and women who prefer much younger, and even very young human beings be singled out. There are a lot of men and women in this world who have been deprived of the enjoyment of seeing children as they are truly intended to be seen. A little girl is a beautiful, wonderful bundle of sexual treasure and now we can begin to openly enjoy those treasures. They really are made of 'sugar and spice and all things nice'.

At our own dark present, this is only a Lovely Fantasy – but, I do Hope that, in the fullness of time, it SHALL become real