No, The "Impossible" Burger is NOT Vegan!!

My comment on this sad and disappointing vid and the ensuing debate that followed (all of which you may read under the said vid):

Jasmine and Chris, I am VERY disappointed… thought MUCH better of you two.

I mean, What a Load of CRAP.

I am talking about the horrible article you've linked to here; I thought you simply do not KNOW, that you are, simply, not AWARE, of the fact that the "impossible" stuff is strictly NOT a Vegan product – and here I see you do actually KNOW that and linked to a carnist and speciesist article, claiming war is peace, lie is truth etc.

A TRUE Vegan shall NEVER write "it becomes far more complicated when you consider 1. the reasons behind the testing, 2. the potential these products have to spare millions of animals, 3. the precedent we and other vegans have set when making similar ethical decisions to benefit ourselves and companion animals, and 4. whether the vegan movement best serves animals by opposing speciesism or by seeking to avoid it".

This is because a TRUE Vegan shall NEVER seek to legitimate ANY animal-testing WHATSOEVER, NOT for "a life saving medicine!!" (crap to begin with, but even had it been scientifically sound), and MOST DEFINITELY NOT for "hey, let's enjoy yet another sort of fast-food!!"

I mean, suddenly, torturing/abusing poor, helpless Animals, as if they were inanimate objects, is fine, just because the "end result" is producing a plant-based what-EVER?!??


NO EXCUSE FOR ANIMAL ABUSE = THAT is THE most basic principle of Veganism. Otherwise, you are NOT Vegans, but merely "plant-based for health reasons" or such other crap, who shall later eat the murdered bodies of innocent fish, because "I rad it's actually healthy" or something… THAT is the precedent set, by ANYONE willing to legitimize THAT line of products.

And – No, for the poor Animals abused and tested for that meal of yours, it was NOT worth it.

[After Chris claimed, such testings were also made on other stuff – including various spices, garlic and pea protein – which we do all accept as Vegan]  Spices have been in use for centuries, even millennia, already by the time of Arab traders bringing them from the Indian Ocean to the Assyrian Empire, so it is completely irrelevant. Same goes for peas – humans have been eating these for thousands of years, so bringing it into the debate is merely mixing irrelevant themes.

If "Impossible" had found it impossible, to manufacture their products without any animal-testing, THEY SHOULD NOT HAVE DONE IT! There are way MORE than enough good Vegan burgers already in the World, no "need" to create yet new ones, in order to veganize anybody – whoever craves / likes the taste of meat, cheese and the likes, has options in abundance. And, to actually cause ANY suffering to a living being, just in order to create yet one MORE option!?

Always think: What would you have felt or thought, had they made those testings on human children from poor and helpless families (perhaps from those horrible detention-centers at your southern border) – would you have justified THAT action, too? Would you have bought and joyously eat those burgers then?

If yes – well, then there truly isn't anything more for us to talk about; but, if yes, then THIS shall mean, that human lives ARE far more valuable, in your opinion, than Rats' (or whichever helpless Animal they had tested that stuff upon) = which shall mean that you ARE a carnist, even if a "Plant-Based Diet Eating" one – which, in turn, shall make me only wish you shall, someday, become TRUE Vegan = which, right now, you sadly aren't.

[Then, Chris linked this listIf, as you imply, all those were tested on Animals, then it is a monstrosity, the level of which I cannot even begin to contemplate.

However, this does not give us a carde blanche to keep ON doing it, and carrying on testing stuff upon helpless Animals, in order to develop new flavours, simply because we have been doing it before. Such a view is nullifying the very point of choosing to go Vegan.

It is one thing, to eat something which might contain an ingredient tested back on the 1970's; it is, however, a very different thing, to accept and joyfully eat something new, the manufacture of which required yet new testing, simply in order to create yet one more (and totally unnecessary) version of a false-meat fast food.

​[and, after Chris declared his complete objection to animal-testing, claimed the problem to be in the FDA and that it shall help veganize many more people]  I completely agree with you, that the problem lies within the FDA and its ways – no doubt about it. However, my point is that, once the "Impossible" people found out, that – in order to manufacture their stuff – they shall be required to test anything on yet ANOTHER Animal (who was NOT a victim beforehand), they should have said, "No, we will choose a different path, or simply join some other manufacturer (no matter whom), but we shall NEVER carry yet another such atrocity, towards ANY Animal, no matter what!" – as there already ARE enough Vegan faked-meat alternatives around, quite a few of them very much like "the original" and so, there truly isn't any real need for yet one more – Most CERTAINLY not at the cost, of causing suffering to even one single being.

And, once they chose to carry on regardless and to actually do that animal-testing, they have ceased to be Vegan – and same goes for all their products.

And I do NOT accept, that expecting Vegans to not touch those products, is a "slander"! I'm merely trying to make you listen to your own conscious.