What Am I Looking For In A Girl (or A Woman)

She should be cool. Cool means: Naturist, Vegan, Intellectual, with a high IQ, Radical Leftist, likes Kids and Cats and with at least some vague interest at History, SciFi&Fantasy, Politics, Classical Music, Literature, Languages, or Astronomy.

She must be a Radical. I mean, if she's "jus' like an'body else, ya know?", wears fashionable clothes, puts make-up, or (worst!!) shaves her arm-pits (GODS FORBID!!!!!!), then of course, we'd have absolutely NOTHING to talk about. Also, of course Veganism and Love of Cats are a total MUST. I could never date someone, who thinks of cute animals as food(!!), or who doesn't adore Cats…

She MUST avoid cigarettes and hate all smokers, but Grass is fine. I've no hard opinion regarding other stuff.

She should be able to enjoy a good, long Book, and LOVE for Robert A. Heinlein, Felicity Savage, Jasper Fforde, Yo`av Blum, Douglas Adams, Sha`ul Tschernikhovsky, Michael Ende, Nathan Alterman, Roger Zelazny, or Diana Wynne Jones is, of course, a very big plus.

If you are at least some of these Marvelous things, it might start something good between us… 🙂 As for ages, you can be 17 or 43, it doesn't really matter that much, as long as you'll like to have Children with me… and yes, I'm mostly attracted to these, who are definitely younger than me (I'll turn forty next Sunday).

As for looks: although I generally tend to be attracted to very fair-skinned, pale girls, it most definitely is not a 100%… I mean, I'm attracted to white skin, red hair, eye-glasses and freckles, but looks come waaaaaaaaaaay after character, for me.

As for location: truly doesn't matter. There are flights everywhere and everything is possible. 🙂